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Jul 19, 2012 11:00pm EDT
their series on the road against the twins. top of the second, twins up 2-0. chris davis getting the os on the board. this is a solo home run. davis' 15th homer of the year. so it closes the gap just a little bit. that one went a long ways. top of the 8th, twins clinging to a 3-2 lead. two on, two out for mark reynolds. and ren olds gets just nuf. two reasons come in to score and the orioles take a 4-3 lead. jim johnson, closer extraordinary. in to close this one out and that's exactly what he does. he picks up his 28th save of the year. tied for the major league lead. >>> adam scott in unchartered waters for the first time in his career. scott tied a course record at the open championship. and tiger, not too far behind. tiger fans showing the support you've got to like that. tiger came out of the box in a hurry. the par 3 first hole from 205 yashds out. sets it up. tiger very solid. shoots a three under 67. the par 4 13. we find steve in his second shot. this might have been the best shot of the day. one bounce and in. stricker one of three players 8 and under. his second shot on the p
Jul 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
have heard about thanks to other recent high profile cases. including the new mom of twins in south carolina. it may feel like the cases are on the rise, in fact the centers for disease control said there's no indication that's the case and doctors stress the key here is this is extremely rare. >> it's a very scary disease that has gotten a lot of attention, but it is really quite rare. >> in this case, a happy outcome after a close brush with death. >> she is my hero. she did the right thing. at the right moment. >> she sure did, if cbc said there are up to 800 cases like this every year. the doctors think it was triggered because where it developed on his body. close to a lot of potential bacteria and not from any places he may have visited. >>> tonight a new sign of how seriously d.c. residents are taking surrounding the mayor's campaign. more than half of the residents think he should step down. that is according to a poll out tonight. 54% want him to step down and 37% think he should stay. only 22% see the mayor as trustworthy. compared to more than 60% who say he is not trustw
Jun 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
waiting tonight. we're at twin brook parkway and rockville pike. we have one gas station here. we have the no gas, out of service on the pump. across the street, people are still waiting in line. these images are what people will remember from today. >> no one said ladies and gentlemen, start your everythingens. but they should have. these people waited three hours to fill up their cars at a shell station on rockville pike. much of it was spent waiting for a tanker truck after the station's trucks ran dry from the demand. >> we're behind the yellow line here, it's a club for us now. it's gone beyond just getting gas. actually, it's been this way all day. lines, lines, lines. >> reporter: amazingly, they bonded. >> it was good, everybody had great spirits here, it was good energy. ironically i met somebody i would have never met and we know all the same people. it was great. >> reporter: it's not clear what caused the demand pattern that was clearly different from previous weather disasters. many people grew frustrated. >> i've been driving around, trying to find a gas station, i probab
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3